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Inclusion Criteria

For a study to be included in the register it must:

  • Evaluate a programme or strategy that has the reduction of new acts of violence as an explicit objective (there may also be other objectives);
  • Be about to start (within the next 6 months), ongoing, or recently completed (in last 6 months);
  • Use an experimental or high-quality quasi-experimental research design, such as:
    • Randomized control trial
    • High-quality time series (at least 20 data points)
    • Non-randomized trial with stringent matching or statistical controls;
  • Have adequate statistical power and sample size calculations or, if not, involve at least 100 subjects;
  • Include process and outcome indicators;
  • (If it uses risk factors for violence rather than actual violence as outcome) Use risk factors that are proximal to actual violence.
  • Agree to the publication of the lead investigator’s name and relevant contact details.

For inclusion in the register, the study must focus upon programmes designed to prevent the following types of violence:

  • Self-directed violence
    • Suicide
    • Attempted suicide
    • Self-harm
  • Interpersonal violence
    • Homicide
    • Child maltreatment
    • Youth violence (including gang violence)
    • Intimate partner violence
    • Sexual violence
    • Elder maltreatment

If you are involved in any research trial that you believe meets the above criteria but is not yet included on the register, please tell us about it.