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TitleResource TypeLocationPublication Year
Preventing Violence, Promoting Peace A Policy Toolkit for Preventing Interpersonal, Collective and Extremist ViolencePublicationWHO European Region2017
Implementing child maltreatment prevention programmes: what the experts sayPublicationInternational2015
WHO. Injuries and violence: the facts 2014PublicationInternational2014
Hidden in Plain Sight: A statistical analysis of violence against childrenPublicationInternational2014
Preventing suicide: A global imperativePublicationInternational2014
European Union Report Violence AGAINST WomenPublicationInternational2014
Investing in children: the European child maltreatment prevention action plan 2015-2020PublicationWHO European Region2014
Preventing violence: evaluating outcomes of parenting programmes (World Health Organization)PublicationInternational2013
European report on preventing child maltreatmentPublicationWHO European Region2013
Why do some men use violence against women and how can we prevent it?PublicationInternational2013